Japanese Sports, KARATE!

Who are we?

We are karate club, which is official and does serious group activities.

What is KARATE?

Karate is Japanese traditional sport. Karate specializes in striking techniques like punching and kicking. But matches of karate’s Kumite is not intended to knock out your opponent like K-1 or boxing. During the kumite (sparring) match, there are three kinds of points that are scored by judgment: “ippon” (three points), “waza-ari” (two-point), and “yuko” (one point).

In karate, saluting is ritually done at the beginning and the end of each class. This is the expression of the respect that each karateka must have towards the Dojo, Karate itself, the old masters and founders, but also the teacher and every other student. Karate rely on an acute physical coordination and mental focus.

Practice schedule


Club members are required to attend practice on Wednesday and Saturday

Practice place

Kyoto University Sports Gymnasium in B2

Our English isn’t so good so feel free to ask us if there is anything unclear, we’ll try our best!